Madhvacharya, Poorna Prajnya, Ananda Teertha

Within a few weeks of his initiation into SanyAsa, pUrNapragna debated with a famous expert scholar in Tarka (Logic) called Vasudeva-pandita and easily defeated him.
Another famous Buddhist scholar called BuddhisAgara visited Udupi. Another great scholar called Vadisimha, who had embraced Buddhism after his defeat, accompanied him by Buddhisagara in a philosophical debate. pUrNapragna easily defeated both of them.
Rejoicing at the extraordinary brilliance of pUrNapragna, Achyuta-prekSha designated him as his successor to head the MaTha and conferred on him the title 'Anandatirtha'. Later, after Ananda tIrtha wrote a commentary on the BrahmasUtras Achyuta-prekSha called him Madhva.
Actually the words Ananda tIrtha and MadhvA are synonymous. Both mean ‘one who creates shastras that bring happiness’. But the name MadhvAchArya is more popular than Ananda tIrtha because it is the name used by the BaLittha Sukta of the Rigveda to designate the third avatAra of Vayu. Acharya uses this pen-name more often than other names in his works.
Some of the other names by which he is known are : PurNabodha, SarvagnAchArya, Sukha tIrtha, Alam bodha, SamanvayAchArya, Madhvamuni, and so on.   


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