Birth & Childhood

Madhygeha Bhatta (called naDillAya in tulu) and his wife lived in the village of Pajaka near Udupi, Karnataka, India. They were a pious couple. They prayed to Lord Ananteshwara to bless them with a son and performed severe penance. Consequently, Vayu incarnated as their son on Vijayadashami (10th day of the bright half of the lunar month of Ashwayuja - September and October) in the year 1238 AD(CE4). His parents named him 'Vasudeva'.

Even from his childhood it was obvious that Vasudeva was unlike other kids of his age. He was overflowing with deep devotion to the supreme Lord and possessed extraordinary physical and mental abilities. He repeatedly astounded his parents and teachers, performing several extraordinary feats.
When he was a baby his sister fed him well boiled horse-gram that even adults cannot digest easily. He happily ate it and digested it without any after effects.
He spent an entire day without food or water, roaming his father’s fields, holding on to the tail of a bullock. Even then there was no sign of fatigue on its face.
He gave tamarind seeds to a person who had lent his father money. The lendor solemnly accepted the seeds given by the charming child as full repayment of the debt. His faith did not go unrewarded; in due course, he became a devotee of God and attained salvation.
Even before he was eight, he jumped from the top of a hillock called durgabeTTa and landed near his house! On another occasion, he replanted a dry plant and made it sprout !
His guru’s son was suffering from chronic headache since birth. Vasudeva blew air into his ears and cured him of his headache
When a deadly serpent bit him, he jumped on its hood and pressed it down to earth. Its poison did not affect him.
His father discovered that anything taught to him was immediately grasped. He had to teach new things to his son everyday, without repeating anything from the previous lessons! Vasudeva also astounded the teacher in his gurukula (small residential school) with a flawless recital of Vedic hymns, including portions that the teacher had not covered till then!

He was also very adept in sports like swimming, wrestling and weight lifting. He could easily take on several of his strong friends at the same time and effortlessly defeat them .

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