Conditions before advent of Acharya

Towards the end of dvApura yuga, Lord vEdavyAsa classified the Vedas and composed the brahmaSutras, MahAbhArata and 18 puranas to help the virtuous grasp the import of the vEdas correctly and unambigously. Through the Kurukshetra war and other incidents, Lord Krishna had rid the earth of all bad elements. Dharma was on an even keel.
Things had drastically changed by the turn of the thirteenth century. Large parts of India were under muslim rulers. Hindus were struggling to maintain their religion against the onslaught of other religions. People were becoming confused due to the multiplicity of doctrines from different religious leaders. There were 21 commentaries on the brahmaSutras, each claiming to represent the real intent of VedavyAsa and the true spirit of Vedanta. Each new commentator began his work soundly criticising all the previous commentaries.
According to the Sumadhva Vijaya (SMV) , an authentic biography of Acharya Madhva, the gods were very unhappy at this sorry state of affairs. They approached Lord ViShNu and asked him to save sanAtana dharma (eternal and timeless vedic religion). Lord ViShNu has a self-imposed rule not to incarnate in Kaliyuga, so he directed Vayu to incarnate on earth and reestablish sanAtana dharma. Vayu received the Lord’s command with devotion and complete humility, like accepting a crown on his head. The prayers of other gods were worn on his breast like a precious necklace.

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