Second tour of North India

Acharya undertook another tour of North India from Udupi. On their way to badari, he and his disciples had to cross the river gangA without boats. Acharya asked his disciples to hold on to him and form a chain. Together, they crossed the river to the great amazement of everybody. Soldiers guarding the other side of the river tried to prevent him from crossing the river, but could not do so. They surrounded him and took him to their muslim king. When the King questioned Acharya, he replied back in the king’s language that he could do this feat by the grace of the Supreme God, who was also the controller of the king and the entire Universe. The King understood the greatness of AchArya and offered a part of his kingdom as jaghir. AchArya did not accept his offer but sought the King’s permission to peacefully pass through his kingdom.

In Badari Acharya had darshan once again of Lord Narayana and VedavyAsa. VedavyAsa gifted him with eight Saligramas. These are available even today and are worshipped as VyAsa Mushtis.

While returning from Badari, AchArya and his disciples had to once again cross the river GangA without boats in a different kingdom. AchArya left behind all his disciples and walked onto the GangA River. He disappeared from the sight of his disciples and reached the other end. The Muslim King of that region was surprised to see him crossing the river without a boat. His clothes were also not wet. The king recognized the greatness of AchArya. He immediately arranged for boats to get AchArya’s disciples from the other end of the river.

When the Acharya and his disciples passed Kuruksetra, the scene of the Mahabharata war, he identified a mound and got it excavated. It contained the mace of Bhima. None of the disciples could even move it. Acharya easily lifted it and showed that he was indeed Bhima. He once again had it buried.

He also visited Kashi where he debated with an elderly Advaita ascetic, Amarendra Puri and soundly defeated him.

On his return home thereafter, he wrote the treatise - Mahabharata-tatparya-nirnaya.

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