Disciples of Acharya

Several disciples form various regions of the country sought and obtained sanyAsa from the Acharya. The prominent ones among them are:

Sri Padmanabha-tirtha (Sri Raghavendra Swamy matha) *
Sri Narahari-tirtha (Sri Raghavendra Swamy matha)
Sri Madhava-tirtha (Sri Raghavendra Swamy matha)
Sri Akshobhya-tirtha (Sri Raghavendra Swamy matha)
Sri Hrisikesa-tirtha (Palimaru matha)
Sri Narasimha-tirtha (Adamaru-matha)
Sri Janardana-tirtha (Krsnapura-matha)
Sri Upendra-tirtha (Puttige-matha)
Sri Vamana-tirtha (Shirur-matha)
Sri Vishnu-tirtha (Sode-matha)
Sri Srirama-tirtha (Kaniyuru-matha)
Sri Adhoksaja-tirtha (Pejavara-matha)

In addition to the above direct disciples there are several other illustrious ascetics associated with dvaita Vedanta. The names that immediately come to mind are Sri Jaya tIrtha (also known as Teeka Rayaru for his act of writing commentaries on Acharya’s works), Sri Brahmnya tIrtha, Sri LakshminArAyana muni (more commonly known as Sri SripAdarAja), Sri Vibhudendra tIrtha, Sri VyAsa tIrtha, Sri VadirAja tIrtha, Sri VijayIndra tIrtha, Sri RaghUttama tIrtha, Sri SudhIndra tIrtha, Sri Raghavendra tIrtha and so on. In addition, there were many gruhasthas (householders) who served the cause of Acharya Madhva. The prominent ones are Sri TrivikramapanditAcharya, Sri Shankara Panditacharya, Smt. Kalyani devi (Trivikrama panditAcharya’s sister), Sri Narayana panditAchArya, Sri Vamana PanditAchArya, Sri PurandaradAsa, Sri VijayadAsa, Sri GopaladAsa, Sri JagannAthadAsa (author of HarikathAmrutasAra) and so on. It is a widely held belief that most of the saints and haridasas who came in the dvaita tradition are incarnations of celestials who came down to serve Acharya Madhva.
* All the mathas are now called as given in brackets


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