First tour of North India

In course of time, the Acharya decided to tour North India in order to further spread the true message of Vedic religion. He also wanted to visit Badari to meet shrI VedavyAsa (an incarnation of Lord Hari) and get His blessings. Accordingly in 1263 he set out with several disciples and reached Badari. According to the Sumadhva Vijaya, when he presented his Gita bhAshya to Narayana, He is supposed to have directed him to change one word from ‘shaktitah’ to ‘leshatah’ (indicating that the standard of the bhAshya was set to the level of the audience and not at the Acharya’s level which is much, much higher). He is also supposed to have woken up Acharya in the night and directed him to read the Bhashya again.
From there, Acharya made the trek to Upper Badari in 48 days. In order to keep his mind focused on shrI VedavyAsa, he observed a vow of silence for the entire duration, bathing in the cold waters of the Ganga very early in the morning. At the final leg of the trip, he directed his disciples to stay back and went alone. However one disciple, shrI Sathya tIrtha followed him for a while but could not keep up. After a while he became so tired that he could not move forward or backward. Acharya sensed this and out of concern for his safety created a fierce wind by waving his hand; this wind carried Sathya tIrtha safely back to the previous camp.
Acharya reached upper Badari and saw shrI VedavyAsa. He prostrated before Him with deep devotion. shrI VedavyAsa was very happy to see him and greeted him effusively. He then taught some hidden aspects of the scriptures to Acharya. This was done to show that true knowledge has to be learnt from a guru and to underscore the point that Acharya’s knowledge of scriptures was flawless because this had been imparted to him by the Lord Himself.
On his way back, Acharya participated in a vidvat sabha on the banks on the GodAvarI river in the Andhra. The sabha featured two erudite scholars and staunch advaitins, Shobhana BhaTTa (the prime minister of the kAkatIya kings) and SvAmI ShAstrI (the prime minister of the Gajapati kings of kaLinga). Both of them were defeated and thoroughly mesmerized by Acharya’s magic personality and erudition. They converted to dvaita and got initiated into sanyAsa as PadmanAbha and Narahari tIrthas respectively. Acharya sent Narahari tIrtha back to Kalinga to obtain the rare and priceless icon of Lord Rama buried in the treasury. Sri Narahari tIrtha served the kingdom diligently and received the icon as his reward. He went back to Udupi and offered this icon to Sri Madhvacharya. This is the famous MUla RAma icon worshipped in the Raghavendra swamigala maTha.
After his return from Badari AchArya authored a commentary on the Bramha-sutras.
Acharya's influence spread far and wide throughout the country. Scholars were stunned by his extra-ordinary genius. The circle of his disciples grew bigger and bigger. Some even got initiated into sanyasa


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