Here is what we have announced and you people are waiting for! A unique rendering of Bhagavatha Purana was conducted at Mantralayam two years ago. The programme was conducted on Ekadashi day and concluded by next day Dwadashi. Each skandha is rendered by different scholars. LIVE RECORDING !!!


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  Vidwan Sri A. Haridasa Bhat 8.00 AM
  Vidwan Sri Hayavadana Puranik
  Vidwan Sri Kalyani Narasimhacharya
  Vidwan Sri Kadapa Dheerendracharya
  Dr. V. Prabhanjan Acharya
  Vidwan Sri B.N. Vijayeendracharya
  Vidwan Sri K.L Pushkara Prasada Acharya
  Vidwan Sri Ambareeshacharya
  Dr. A.V. Nagasampige
   Vidwan Sri Umarji Sreenivasa Acharya
  Vidwan Sri Kumbhakonam Ramacharya
  Vidwan Sri Brahmanya Acharya 4.15 AM


Note: All the files will be removed after 15 Sept 2007.

Write an email to the webmaster if you require the CD by post.