History of Bikshalaya and Sri Appanacharya

Janani Janma Bhoomischa Swargadapi Gareeyasi.

This Sanskrit Subhashita describes the greatness and the importance of our Motherland,  Native Place. How sweet and dear to us. Bhikshaalaya - Bichale is situated in Karnataka, Raichur district via ryaru. Sri Appanacharya was born in Bichchali, His father Sri Ramasubbanacharya was a great scholar, Satvika and Sajjana. Sri Ramasubbanacharya was a Jahagirdar of twenty eight villages. The total Fertile land accumulation is more than three hundred acres. The same property continued after British rule. Even the Nizams of Hyderabad also regarded this Jahagirdar family and the legacy continued. As water facility was abundant they were growing Paddy, Groundnut, Garden of Betel leaf, Banana and so on. Fairly rich and well off. Lived with pomp and show with the Divine Bliss. Always engaged in Adhyayana and Adhyaapana, pondering the philosophy of Sri Madacharya and in the realm ofSri Harisarvottama and Vayu Jeevottama. The Stalwart of Knowledge was our Appanacharya. His teaching was superb, just like the other seats of learning in those days. He has attracted the students at large. The Students as usual in those days, whether rich or poor they have to go for Bhiksha collect the rice and they have to prepare their food and study. But our Appanacharya adopted a different style as he liked and loved his Students very much. As they were going to Bhiksha from house to houses, the village was called
Bhikshaalaya. Aalaya means house. Actually the villagers were eagerly waiting to offer Bhiksha to the Vatus i.e. the students � shishyas of Appanacharya, that much of Regard, Respect and Affection they had towards our Appanacharya. In the morning the students were going to Bhiksha, after that return to the Japadakatte, wash the collected rice in the
Tungabhadra river water. The Guru Appanacharya was asking that to tie to the Ashwath Vruksha of the Japadakatte. Appanacharya Sitting on the Japadakatte was teaching beautifully with complete involvement. Goddess Saraswati was dancing on His tongue. Hours together teaching will come to conclude after 12.30pm. Appanacharya used to do the prokshana to the tied rice. The rice baked properly without the help of fire and rice food was ready. Pooja Naivedya, Vaishwadeva,Hastodaka Appanacharya used to perform and take the food along with his students near the Japadakatte. Thus the Sacred Japadakatte became the Gurukula, University of Appanacharya. Always doing good things to others, students and to the residents of Bichchali. So Appanacharya became very popular and dear to all.

When Rayaru thought of Mantralaya Prahladarajaru's Yaaga Sthala and reside permanently, Came from Kumbhakonam the Sacred bank of Kaveri to  Adoni, The Nawab of Adoni and Diwan Venkanna welcomed Sri Raghavendrateertharu in a highly dignified way, completely Blessed by Rayaru. Rayaru asked Mantralaya for himself and told the same to Diwan Venkanna to get it from Nawab. The Nawab said why are you asking Mantralaya, ask some other place which are rich in fertile. Rayaru said, I WANT ONLY MANTRALAYA. Thus the Nawab all the surrounding villages land and Complete Mantralaya donated to Rayaru and acquired the Paramanugraha of Gururayaru. While coming to Mantralaya from enrooting Tungabhadra Station, now Mantralayam Road, happened to visit Bhikshaalaya Bichchali. Aparokshagnyani Gururaya knew the Sanctityof JAPADAKATTE, Completely understood the greatness of Appanacharya. Appanacharya's pleasing Personality, Devotion, Kindness, Magnanimity, the thirst for knowledge, Ashukavitva, Pratibha, Scholarly disposition and above all the obedience of Appanacharya attracted Sri Raghavendrateertharu. AT THE SAME TIME IT IS QUITE INTERESTING TO KNOW THAT HE WAS A TRUE GNYANI . Their friendship grew, they became close, very close, one cannot separate from others. So stayed in Bichchali for a long time. Appanacharya performed the Seva of Rayaru with great
Affection. Appanacharya was himself grinding the Dal Chatni for Rayaru, that Varalu and Rubbu gundu are still in Bichchale and we can see them. Appi Paayasa and Dal Chatni were very dear to Rayaru. Lived in the house of Appanacharya. At the time of Rayaru that house was already sixty years old. Rayaru liked Bichchali the house of Appanacharya very much.Always lived together. Rayaru will sit on the Japadakatti and Appanacharya will simply squat with Devotion at the feet of Rayaru. Appanacharya used to massage the Sacred legs of Rayaru. How great and Fortunate was our Appanacharya. Mantralaya Rayaru donated twelve acres of land to Appanacharya situated in KallKuntla twelve miles from Mantralaya. As already Sufficient lands are there by your Grace, I DO NOT WANT THIS Appanacharya Said.But Rayaru forced Appanacharya to accept this land as a token of Anugraha. So Appanarya accepted and honored the words of Guru Rayaru.

Sri Appanacharya a family man, a Jahagirdar fairly well placed in the Society. He had two wives. First wife Kamalabai did not give birth to children. Gururaya knowing this compelled him to have the second wife. Appanacharya married Ratnabai as per the will and wish of Rayaru. Appanacharya very a sober and religious minded man. He was consuming the tobacco and betel leaves, grown from his own garden. Mantralaya  Rayaru asked him to give up this habit of tobacco, but he plainly said that he had become a slave to it.
Actually Rayaru wanted Appanacharya to be his successor to Rayara Mutt. But owing to the habit of Appanacharya it did not happen. Appanacharya was two years elder to Rayaru.

Rayaru decided to enter the Brindavana on Shraavana Krishna Paksha Dwiteeya i.e.in 1671 A.D.Friday and sent Appanacharya for Madhwa Sanchara away from Mantralaya. If Appanacharya would have been on that day he will never allow Rayaru to Enter Brindavana. So Aparokshagnyani Gururaya thinking all this purposely sent this Devotee Appanacharya away from Mantralaya and immediately planned the Brindavana Pravesha and asked Diwan Venkanna to make all the preparations. Appanacharya somehow came to know the news. Received a great shock. Returned to Bichchali, decide to go to Mantralaya. But the river Tungbhadra was in full spate, overflowing. Appanacharya never cared for this. Decided to cross the Tungabhadra, as he loved Rayaru too much went on crying, tears rolled on his cheeks. As He knew Rayaru completely out of Devotional Ecstasy started Gurustotra Sripurnabodha Guruteertha Payobdhipaara from JAPADAKATTE, Tungamma paved the way, by the time Appanacharya reached`Mantralaya the last stone of the Brindavana was placed at the Brindavana. His Ashukavitva Stotra Pathana immediately stopped after:

YoBhaktyaGuruRaghavendraCharanaDwandam Smaran

Could not speak anything more. Rayaru Sitting in the`Brindavana has listened the Gurustotra fully, and completed the Stotra by saying SAAKSHIHAYASTOTRAHI from the Brindavana. At that time Rayaru was Chanting Hayagreeva Mantra, said Hayagreeva Roopi Sri Hari is the witness for all this what has been told in the Gurustotra.How great he was? What an amount of Affection had Rayaru towards Appanacharya. Appanacharya composed this Stotra Gurustotra on the day of Rayara Brindavana Pravesha, so it is famous, popular and called as Stotra Raja. It has come out fluently, spontaneously and with Devotional Ecstasy.This is the unforgettable contribution of Bichchali Appanacharya to the Devotees of this Universe. Hats off to this great Chetana. So we must CHANT:

Bichchali Sri Appanarya Priya Mantralaya Sri Raghavendrateertha Gurubhyo Namaha.

From the Second wife Ratnabai the Vamsha of Appanacharya was continued. Appanacharya's Son


Subbanacharya's Son Gundachary

Gundacharya's Son Narasimhacharya

Narasimhacharya's Son Gundacharya

Gundacharya's Son Narasimhacharya.

Now Sri Narasimhacharya a retired Professor of  Osmania University, a great Scholar is residing in Hyderabad. He had four sons by name:Sri Raghavendracharya, Sri Ramacharya, Sri Krishnacharya and Sri Shamacharya. Thus the Sacred family of Sri Appanacharya is continued by the Blessings of Rayaru.Sri Ramacharya the second son is the Archaka of the Famous Japadakatte Ek Shila Brindavana.

Sri Ramacharya Badadha is residing in Bichchali and looking after the Sacred House of Sri Appanacharya which is Four Hundred Years old. Well Maintained the Sanctity of Gururaya's Residence even to this day. We are really Fortunate to have all this and get the details by the Vamshastharu Sri Badadha Ramacharya.Owing to Appanacharya and Rayaru Bichchali is a Holy place. Pilgrims are visiting Bichchali and avail the facility of Ashtottara of Rayaru at the birth place of Sri Gurustotra i.e.JAPADAKATTE, through :
Sri ThirthaKshetraJapadakattiBichali Appanacharya  AshtottaraShatha Seva Welfare Trust.

What a Noble task is being done today at this Sanctum.Mantralaya Sri Raghavendrateertharu loved liked and Blessed Appanacharya too much. Appanacharya's name
is on the top of the list of the Devotees of Rayaru. They both were like the two faces of a coin. The author of the famous Sri Raghavendra Stotra  popularly called as Gurustotra. A stotra of all the times of Siddhi Vruddhi and Samruddhi.

As long as the Sun and the Moon are there the name of Bichali Appanacharya will shine like a star.





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