Welcome to Web Abode of Bikshalaya Sri Appanacharya - Greatest disciple of Guru Raghavendra
This website is dedicated to providing information on Appanacharya, greatest disciple of Guru raghavendra Theertha.To know more about Guru Raghavendra Theertha, who is a great benevolent and kind saint, please visit our parent site http://www.gururaghavendra.org

Sri Appanacharya gave us the Guru Stotra and he gave us a lot of shlokas and paved the way to get blessings of Guru Raghavendra. To this day the place where Guru Raghavendra and Appanacharya spent time together near mantralayam called bikshalaya is preserved intact. The house of Appanacharya and the place where he used to talk to Guru Raghavendra everything is preserved so well. Please read about the history of Appanacharya on the History Page.

Appanacharya has authored many shlokas on Guru Raghavendra I.e Guru Raghavendra Stotra, Guru Raghavendra Kavacha, Guru Raghavendra Manglasthaka, Guru Raghavendra Gadhya.

The photos of the house (more than 400 years old) and other places where appanacharya spent time with Guru Raghavendra is in the image Gallery section, please see this section.

You can visit Bikshalaya from Mantralayam or Raichur. bikshalaya can be reached only by private autos or Taxis from Mantralayam or Raichur. Roads are bumpy and bad.If you brave all this you will get to see the heavenly abode of Sri Appanacharya and Guru Raghavendra.

Address of Bikshalaya Raghavendra Brindavana: Bikshalaya c/o Badadha Ramacharya Post: Bichali-518 140, Via: Gunjalli, Dist.: Raichur, Karnataka, India.




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