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Raghavendra Theertha is the patron hindu saint at Mantralayam is verily the wishing tree,divine jewel all in one, fullfilling the rightious desires of all thos who visit mantralayam(Picture above: Brindavan of Swamy at Mantralayam) and pray for his benevolence. No one has returned dissappointed as the sage who is verily present to this date(from:1671 A.D) in the Holy Brindavan answers all the prayers, grants all desires and makes the devotees happy. He recommends his devotees for Moksha(Join the Paramathma after the soul gets liberated). Moksha giver is Lord Sriman Narayana.Raghavendra thertha is the champion of MADHWA philosophy which is a part of Dwaitha Sidhantha saying God is different and we are different. He is kindest sage, who showers blessings irrespective of cast,creed or Race.
View of Moola Brindavana at Mantralaya

Raghavendra theertha of present times is an incarnation of a clestial and though he is not visible to us now(was visible to Sir Thomar Munroe, the collector of british India 150 years ago). He is very much present in the Brindavan alive at Mantralayam to this 329th year of entry into his Brindavan as on 4.8.2000.He is still performing many miracles,Blind get their Sight,Deaf and Dumb hear and Speak,all evils vanish. Just say "OM SHRI RAGHAVENDRA" and see the miracle happen. For more about this Page see the links or E-mail me, I would be glad to be in the service of my Guru.Another sloka is given below, which will make GURU Raghavendra happy, You can pray to him in the house itself, you can also visit 325 temples built for him in the cities like Madras(T.Nagar,Triplicane) Banglore(J.P.NAGAR),Bombay etc. You can also visit the Guru in Moola Brindavan at Mantralayam A.P.
Picture Of Shri Guru Raghavendra Theertha


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Since May 7th 2000, these many people have paid homage to The Great Saint  



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