Raghavendra Theertha is the patron hindu saint at Mantralayam is verily the wishing tree, divine jewel all in one, fulfilling the righteous desires to all those deserving souls, who visit mantralayam (Picture on the side: Brindavan of Raghavendra Swamy at Mantralayam) and pray for his benevolence. No one has returned disappointed as the sage who is verily present to this date(from:1671 AD) in the Holy Brindavan answers all the prayers, grants all desires and makes the devotees happy. He recommends his deserving devotees for Moksha [Theory of school of thought where God and any other thing is not one. God is supreme, independent doer of every thing (Sarva Karthru) and is controller of all from his consort Lakshmi Devi tothe lowest living or non living thing. He is ocean of all the finest attributes and is the friend philosopher and guide to the worthy for their remption and grant of Moksha). Numberless celestials right from Goddess Lakshmi devi to the lowest straw await his orders to serve him and have his grace and stand reverentially aside in great respect and awe]. Moksha giver is Lord Hari .Sri Raghavendra is a proponent of Madhva 's philosophy Dvaita. He also gives  importance to correct knowledge or understanding of God and has a great affection  for seekers of knowledge. He has written numerous works, elaborating on several aspects of Dvaita (For more on Dvaita Philosophy please visit, most comprehensive site www.dvaita.org) . He is kindest sage, who showers blessings irrespective of religion, cast, creed or Race. The Picture above  (Top Left) represents Guru Raghavendra as a Kamadhenu (Wishing Cow) and Kalpahavriksha (Wishing Tree), celestial cow and tree which gives whatever you wish.
View of Moola Brindavana at Mantralaya

 Shunku Karna (A Devta) was cursed to be born, into the world,  as Prahladha, son of demon king Hiranyakashyapu, who had extreme devotion to Sri Hari. Lord Hari took Narashima Avtara to Kill the demon King (his father) .In his next birth, he was born , as Bahlika during the Period of Mahabharatha, he fought against the pandvas, but he was a great Hari Bhaktha, he was willing to die at the hands of Bheema (One of the Pandavas). In his Next  birth, he was destined to be one of the the great Madhwa saints, Vyasaraja . Displeased with the amount of seva he performed for Hari, he was born again as Venkatanatha, who became Guru Raghavendra, one of the greatest madhwa saints.  Guru Raghavendra is not visible to us now but was visible to Sir Thomas Munroe, the collector of India about 150 years ago when British Ruled India. He is very much present in the Brindavan alive (in athma form) at Mantralayam to this 332nd year of entry into his Brindavan as on 15.8.2003.He is still performing many miracles ,it is said  Deserving Blind get their Sight, Deserving Deaf and Dumb hear and Speak, all evils vanish by saying "OM SHRI RAGHAVENDRA" with devotion and by pleasing Guru Raghavendra . For more information on the content in this page, please see the links or E-mail me, I would be glad to be in the service of my Guru . Devotees pray to Sri Raghavendra by chanting the famous shloka "...pUjyAya rAghavendrAya satyadharmaratAya cha | bhajatAM kalpavR^ixAya namatAM kAmadhenave ||durvAdidhvAntaravaye vaishhNavendIvarendave |shrIrAghavendragurave namo.atyantadayAlave ||". Sri Raghavendra is considered to be magnanimous and benevolent. Countless devotees of his testify to the miracles he has performed (humble attempt has been provided, to elaborate a few in the miracles page). In this site we have also attempted to represent the sentiments of devotees, of Guru Raghavendra rather than representing him as just another  Madhwa scholar as portrayed in other Web  Sites. For a complete Life history of Guru Raghavendra, Please go to download section and download the E-Book, "HISTORY OF GURU RAGHAVENDRA" , printed on Paperback by Sri Raghavendra Swamy Matha, Mantrlaayam.
Picture Of  Guru Raghavendra Theertha